How Origin Bank gets a Return on Strategy


We all want a good return on our investment but what about your business strategy? If you aren’t consistently tracking performance results of your strategic plan, how do you know if you are you getting a good return on your strategy?

Origin Bank is maximizing their return on strategy so they can be strategic, be innovative and be forward thinking to keep their competitive edge. SVP Market Analytics and Strategic Planning, Regina McNeil, explains how.

origin-videoLearn how Origin Bank:

  • Measures corporate and departmental growth goals
  • Consistently manages performance across 41 locations in real-time
  • Saves time, effort and human resources when reporting on progress
  • Stays focused on the future rather than stuck in the past
  • Leverages AchieveIt cloud-based software to keep teams on track

Presented by:
Regina McNeil, SVP Market Analytics and Strategic Planning
Origin Bank
regina-mcneillRegina McNeill, Senior Vice President, Market Analytics & Strategic Planning, has over 30 years of banking experience and joined Origin Bank in 1996 as a trainer for retail employees. In 2007 Regina transitioned into working with the bank’s state and regional presidents in planning, preparing, executing and managing market strategies, financial goals, as well as creating and managing annual budgets, financial reports and commercial incentive plans. Regina recently also took on the management and administration of the Corporate Strategic Plan and Corporate Timeline.

Regina graduated from Louisiana Tech University in 1987 with a bachelor’s degree in Finance. She is currently attending the Graduate School of Banking at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge. She also participates in Origin Bank’s Project ENRICH, volunteering at organizations impacting youth and education.

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