Origin Bank

Origin Bank Steps Up Its Strategic Planning


  • INDUSTRY: Banking
  • USE CASE: Strategic Plan Tracking and Management
  • COMPANY SIZE: 40 banks across 6 regions
  • DEPARTMENT: Market Analytics and Strategic Planning
  • ASSETS MANAGED: $3.8 billion


  • Implemented a scalable, repeatable, standardized solution for strategic planning
  • Project managed initiatives to improve customer service
  • Created a process and rigor around provided regular metric updates


  • Alignment view to show hierarchy of initiatives and how all tactics interrelate
  • Cross-plan visibility with varying levels of detail for multiple stakeholders
  • Automatic email reminders for users to provide reporting updates on a regular basis

AchieveIt's hierarchy of initiatives allows us to structure our plans in a consistent and actionable way. Everyone understands what we're doing, why we're doing it, and how we're going to get it done.

Regina McNeil

Senior Vice President of Market Analytics & Strategic Planningt

About Origin Bank

Over the past few decades, Origin Bank (formerly Community Trust Bank) has used exceptional customer service to grow their brand into a billion-dollar institution. Established in 1912, Origin Bank now has locations through Louisiana, Texas, and Mississippi and manages more than $3.8 billion in assets.

The Challenge

Origin’s Senior Vice President of Market Analytics and Strategic Planning, Regina McNeil recognized that the bank would need to become more forward-thinking in its approach to customer service if it wanted to compete successfully in today’s fast-changing, tech-driven world. The biggest hurdle that prevented this mindset shift was decades of entrenched and inefficient strategic planning processes.

Before adopting AchieveIt’s solution, Origin Bank’s executive team would use Excel workbooks to manage their corporate strategic plans and major initiatives. The result of this process, beyond the inefficiencies of compiling input from several separate spreadsheets, was a strategic planning meeting that was more retrospective then forward-thinking. The executive team would spend hours discussing what everyone had accomplished. But in truth, they knew they were missing an opportunity to inform stakeholders about the next horizon of the business.

The organization’s process was not only cumbersome and retrospective, but it limited real-time visibility across departments, a huge obstacle to scalability. As the bank continued to grow, the team realized they needed a solution that could handle increasing complexity, help with accountability, and enable simpler tracking of the corporate strategic plan.

The Solution

Bogged down with inefficient meetings, misaligned resources, lack of holistic visibility, expansive uninformative spreadsheets, and chasing reporting updates from team members, McNeil turned to AchieveIt for help.

One feature of the AchieveIt solution that has helped Regina and her team tremendously are automated email reminders that give users the ability to make reporting updates right from their inboxes. The update frequency is adjustable, ensuring updates stay top of mind for each executive, and everyone works with the most up-to-date information before, during, and after each strategic planning meeting.

Additionally, AchieveIt’s filtered views keep quarterly strategic planning meetings focused and forward-thinking, never derailed by unrelated information.

The Results

Because AchieveIt has allowed Origin to simplify its strategic planning structure, executives are better aligned and initiatives are more actionable. Even large projects and major initiatives which require involvement from multiple stakeholders across departments remain on track, since everyone is able to see the larger picture in the context of the corporate strategic plan and how all the tactics interrelate.

Origin Bank can now spend more time executing initiatives that are more focused on the future, and less time looking in the rearview mirror.


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