4 Characteristics of Phenomenal Strategic Leaders


4 Characteristics of Phenomenal Strategic Leaders

In today’s global business climate, internal decisions are often driven by unanticipated external changes. It’s significant to note that organizations are responding to this ever-evolving climate in part by changing their own practices to become more agile and adaptable. But maintaining efficient operations amidst constant change requires constant strategic planning, and constant strategic planning requires highly effective strategic leaders.

Strategic leaders help organizations stay on track to achieve long-term objectives, while simultaneously navigating the daily challenges that could influence the company’s success. While the need for effective strategic leadership has never been greater, it can be difficult to find. In searching for effective leadership, it’s important to look for these four key characteristics:

1. The Ability to Balance Vision and Execution

Characteristic #1 of Phenomenal Strategic Leaders
Effective strategic leaders possess a strong ability to conceptualize far-reaching objectives, while still being able to take the necessary actions to execute on both long and short-term goals. Strategic leaders must be able to turn their visions into actions, even when they aren’t on the ground floor making those visions a reality. As highly-focused visionaries, they maintain a clear perspective of what tomorrow might bring, and are able to effectively communicate their visions in order to encourage action.

2. Insatiable Learner

Effective strategic leaders exhibit a strong sense of curiosity, an insatiable thirst to learn more about their industry, their competitive landscape and their own business operations. This curiosity enhances their ability to anticipate trends, shifts and disruptions, because they’re so plugged in to the subtle shifts in the market. This is extremely helpful during the vision development and planning processes.

Characteristic #2 of Phenomenal Strategic Leaders

Their curiosity functions as an intuition of sorts, and helps them proactively anticipate possible challenges. This means effective strategic leaders constantly ask questions and try to understand the ‘why’ behind any changes that occur—whether that be internal or external. Shifts and trends tend to unfold over time, so those who are constantly learning about their environment, competitors and potential challenges can be proactive in handling the changes.

3. Collaborative Mindset

While confident in their own knowledge, effective strategic leaders also realize the value their coworkers’ or team’s new ideas can bring. They take care to integrate those new ideas into their vision for the business.

Characteristic #3 of Phenomenal Strategic Leaders

By incorporating multiple perspectives in unique ways, strategic leaders help foster a business culture that values the free flow of information and, in turn, is better able to adapt to change.

4. Transparent and Data-Driven Decision Maker

With the increasing amount of accessible data, the key is finding the best ways to use that data. Effective strategic leaders understand the value of using data during the process of decision-making and while developing both organizational and departmental strategies.

Characteristic #4 of Phenomenal Strategic Leaders

Strategic leaders use data to support their decisions while maintaining a company culture that values transparency and data-driven objectives. In an organization with a data-driven culture, transparency ensures the ongoing realization of new sources of business value. Strategic leaders are also consistently working to find new ways to use data to maintain a competitive market position.


Having strategic leaders within your organization is paramount to succeeding in today’s business world. Without individuals to inspire action, anticipate challenges, seek organizational feedback and evaluate data, organizations are driving blind, just hoping they’re headed in the right direction.