Smarter Updates. Quicker Insights.


Streamline Strategic Plan Tracking with SmartAlertsTM

Automate Update Frequencies

No more chasing down stakeholders. Drive accountability by establishing an automated plan update schedule.

No Inbox Clutter

Other solutions add to the noise. SmartAlerts minimize inbox clutter with a single email alert for all status update requests.

Update with Ease

No need to log into a system. Provide plan updates on all assignments from single landing page and get on with your day. Easy, efficient.

Efficient, effective strategic plan tracking is a big pain for many companies. Those who attempt to track in Excel, end up emailing spreadsheets, hounding colleagues for updates and cutting and pasting. And some software solutions use “email notifications” to alert employees that they have plan items to update, which sounds helpful… but employees end up deluged in email updates that they typically end up ignoring. Plan updates don’t happen, leaders don’t receive the visibility into how they company is actually executing.

SmartAlerts™ by AchieveIt are different. This feature allows you to automate your status update frequencies and delivers employees with plan update responsibility a single email containing all the items requiring updates, so strategic plan tracking is easy, automated and efficient. One email is exchanged, not several. From the SmartAlerts, end users are linked to a personalized webpage in which they can update all assigned items, at once. There is no need to log into another system – they simply update, save and move on with their day.

SmartAlerts is just one of the five key features in AchieveIt that gives leaders an easy, effective and efficient way to get visibility and alignment throughout their organizations. Learn more about CriticalContextInsightDashboards, MultiPlan View and Meeting Manager.