MultiPlan ViewTM

Expand Your View. Drive Better Results.


Broader Visibility with MultiPlan ViewTM

Clarity Across All Plans

Get a full bird’s eye view or drill down into each location, business unit or department, all from one place.

Decision Making Insights

Easy access to the insights and CriticalContext™ you need to make better, faster decisions.

Connect the Dots

Easily identify success strategies that deliver the best results, and respond to red flags sooner.

When you’re neck deep in developing your strategic plan, its easy to forget that visibility and alignment are the keys to strategy execution. While it’s nice to keep people in little rows and columns labeled “marketing” or “operations”, the fact is people and resources rarely contribute to only one area within an organization. And while departments can each see their own initiatives and their own plans, to grow the business, leaders need visibility across multiple plans, business units and stakeholders, so they can connect the dots, see where their resources are really going and understand the true impact initiatives are having on the bottom line.

MultiPlan View™ by AchieveIt is purposely designed to give leaders CriticalContext™ and insights across multiple business plans, stakeholders and departments, all from one place. Sometimes referred to as the ‘executive cockpit’, leaders can get real-time access to see which strategic plan initiatives are ‘off track’ or ‘at risk’ with just a few clicks.

More than powerful, MultiPlan View puts your operations at your fingertips like no other solution.

MultiPlan View is just one of the five key features in the AchieveIt Execution Insight Platform that gives leaders an easy, effective and efficient way to get visibility and alignment on strategic plan initiatives throughout their organizations. Learn more about SmartAlerts, CriticalContext, InsightDashboards and Meeting Manager.